Nano Gold Repair Collagen Face Mask


About the product:

The Ace up its Sleeve: Unique, triple-helix structure stores 10 times the active ingredients found in conventional sheet masks.  Drench your skin in a generous bath of replenishing serum with each treatment.

24K Gold Collagen Face Mask promotes age-defying healing by helping to minimise dryness, redness, puffiness and fine lines, while enhancing overall skin maintenance.  The doctor-formulated Gemclinical® serum is infused with colloidal gold (tiny gold particles suspended in liquid) that absorb quickly and deeply into your skin and bolster self-rejuvenation for superb skincare results.

Key benefits:

  • Colloidal gold: quickly absorbs deeply into your skin and bolsters self-rejuvenation.
  • Marine collagen: all Knesko masks boost the age-defying effects of marine collagen with Gemclinical® polypeptide technology that breaks down large collagen molecules into smaller chains, allowing for optimal penetration into the epidermal barrier.

Tips: Leave the mask on for 15-30 minutes (20-40 minutes is recommended for full face, neck and décolleté treatment).  Take deep, relaxing breaths in a quiet, mindful meditation.  Remove the mask, massaging any remaining serum into the treatment area or any other areas that need some love and attention.

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