Ultra Violette

Extreme Screen Hydrating Body + Hand Skinscreen SPF 50+


About the product:

This game-changing, glow-getting cream provides SPF 50+ with 4 hours of water resistance. Infused with vitamin E and aloe vera, the hydrating cream doesn’t leave a greasy residue and won’t yellow your clothes. It’s heavy-duty enough for swimming or the gym, or just apply it daily after showering for a good dose of hydration, protection, and sheen.

Key benefits:

  • Provides SPF 50+ protection with 4-hour water resistance against the complete solar spectrum of environmental damage, including UVA + UVB.
  • Pentavitin quenches skin thirst for up to 72 hours; makes you all sheeny and radiant, like a ‘golden hour’ filter for your skin.
  • Aloe vera cools and calms angsty skin, while the super-antioxidant vitamin E reduces UV damage to keep the complexion looking youthful. 
  • Contains no parabens or reef-killing oxybenzone, is cruelty-free, leaves no trace of white grease, and won’t yellow clothes.

Tips: Apply the cream like you would lotion to anywhere your skin is exposed to the sun. Slather it on and reapply every 1–2 hours when in direct sunlight. According to the Australian Cancer Council, you need 30ml for a full body (roughly 5ml per limb).

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