Beat The Blues Room Spray


About the product:

This vital room spray contains those essential oils that are known to be the most powerful in combatting depression and uplifting emotions. An effective and transformative blend, it helps to clear the air and create a peaceful and uplifting space. Remedy No.27: 27 is about believing in yourself and listening to your intuition. It is self-affirming and fortifying.

Key Benefits:

  • Clary Sage: boosts self-esteem, confidence and emotional strength;
  • Petitgrain: described as a releasing, self-accepting angelic fragrance, believed to protect against mental anguish and heal emotional wounds;
  • Rose Geranium: restores peace and harmony.
Tips: Keep beside your nightstand, spray on curtains and pillows, in your drawers and wardrobes, or simply into the air.

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