Ultra Violette

Queen Screen SPF 50+ Lightweight Serum Skinscreen


About the product:

As the matriarch of the Ultra Violette family, the oil-free Queen Screen is packed with Australian antioxidants and has a milky and weightless texture that glides on with a subtle scent of roses. A fantastic makeup base, this is a broad-spectrum SPF in the body of an anti-ageing serum that leaves a gorgeous sheen without any greasiness.

Key benefits:

  • Protects the skin from pollution and the complete solar spectrum of environmental damage, including UVA + UVB, infrared, blue, and visible light.
  • The lightweight, oil-free formula works as a primer and an anti-ageing serum that delivers a luminous glow.
  • Ingredients include vitamin C–rich Kakadu plum, and Dragosine Plus, which offers comprehensive protection against sun damage beyond traditional sun filters.
  • Contains no parabens or reef-killing oxybenzone, is cruelty-free, and leaves no trace of sticky, white SPF grease.

Tips: Every day, apply the serum directly to your face as the first step in your makeup routine or the final stage of your skincare ritual. Use three full droppers of product for each application to ensure your face and ears are well protected.

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