Saint Jane

The C-Drops


500mg of full spectrum CBD with 0% THC

A potent, brightening elixir that’s also meticulously clean.  Packed with 20% active vitamin C, 500mg CBD and citrus AHAs for bright, glowy skin. Glycerin-encapsulated vitamin C is used to maximise penetration to the skin’s deepest layers, while rich concentration of CBD soothes the irritation Vitamin C might cause on sensitive skin.  Full spectrum CBD found in the formulas at Saint Jane is obtained by Supercritical C02 extraction, concentrated as high as 250 times compared to the raw material, guaranteeing the most nutritious form of CBD.

Key benefits:

  • Full-spectrum CBD: known for its calming and soothing benefits. The “entourage effect” amplifies CBD’s ultra-calming properties;
  • Glycerin-encapsulated vitamin C: enables the nutrients to go deeper into the lower layers of the skin, reduces oxidation to retains nutrients longer;
  • Ferulic acid: boosts vitamin C and CBD absorption.

Tips: Dispense one dropper into palms and press into clean, dry skin.  Follow with our Luxury Beauty Serum for best results.

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